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Local Businesses warned after websites hacked

John Freeman
Businesses across Lancashire are being urged to ensure their online security is up to date after hackers tried to steal thousands of pounds of goods.

The two businesses discovered hackers had changed the online value of their goods to 1p before trying to buy the items – which included £2000 of furniture - with a stolen credit card.

On both occasions, the companies spotted the scam and prevented any losses.

Police launched an investigation after receiving a call from Action Fraud and officers are urging businesses to ensure their online security is up to date.

Detective Constable Tony McClements, of Lancashire Constabulary’s economic crime unit, said: “I urge all businesses to make sure their IT security systems are updated and meet their requirements.

“Hacking in this format is a comparatively old method of defrauding businesses, but has begun to rear its ugly head again. I would suggest businesses put additional checks into place before goods are despatched.”

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