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Local City Council Election Results - Who's in Charge?

John Freeman

Lancaster City Council has moved from being under Labour control to No Overall Control as no one party has a majority after last week's local election poll.

The poll saw a resurgence of the Morecambe Bay Independents at the expense of other parties, and an increase in the number of Green councillors.

Overall turn out for the Lancaster City Council was 33.58% with 36,454 from a total of 108,571 people voting.This is a huge drop from the 64% turnout in 2015, when the election ran alongside the General Election.

Labour: 21
Morecambe Bay Independents: 14
Conservatives: 12
Green: 10
Liberal Democrats: 3

Bare Ward

Tony Anderson (MBI) elected
Stephie Cathryn Barber (Con) elected
Sarah Elizabeth Knight (MBI) elected

Bolton-le-Sands and Slyne Ward

Keith William Budden (Con) elected
James Malcolm Thomas (Con) elected
John Graeme Wild (Con) elected

Bulk Ward:

Lucie Kathleen Carrington (Green) elected
Tim Hamilton-Cox (Green) elected
Caroline Jackson (Green) elected

Carnforth and Millhead Ward

Mel Guilding (Con) elected
John Robert Reynolds (Lab) elected
Peter Allan Yates (Con) elected

Castle Ward

Dave Brookes (Green) Elected
Paul Byron Stubbins (Green) Elected

Ellel Ward

Richard Lindsay Peregrine St. John Austen-Baker (Con) elected
David John Whitworth (Con) elected

Halton-with-Aughton Ward

Kevin Frea (Lab and Co-op) Elected

Heysham Central Ward

Geoff Knight (MBI) Elected
Cary Jane Matthews (MBI) Elected

Harbour Ward:

Darren Keith Clifford (Lab) elected
Janice Hanson (Lab) elected
David Whitaker (Lab) elected

Heysham North Ward:

Vicky Boyd-Power (MBI) elected
Roger Timothy Cleet (MBI) elected

Heysham South Ward

Alan Biddolph (Lab) elected
Mike Greenall (MBI) elected
Colin Hartley (Lab) elected

John O’Gaunt Ward

Erica Ruth Estelle Lewis (Lab) elected
Faye Elizabeth Penny (Lab) elected
Alistair Thomas Sinclair (Lab) elected

Kellet Ward

Michael John Mumford (Lib Dem) Elected

Lower Lune Valley Ward

Joan Parkinson Jackson (Con) elected
Joyce Pritchard (Lib Dem) elected

Marsh Ward

Mandy Bannon (Green) elected
Gina Dowding (Green) elected

Overton Ward

Michael Anthony Smith (Con) elected

Poulton Ward

Tricia Heath (MBI) elected
Debbie Jenkins (MBI) elected

Scotforth West Ward:

Tim Dant (Green) elected
Abi Mills (Green) elected
Joanna Mary Young (Green) elected

Silverdale Ward

June Greenwell (Lib Dem) Elected

Scotforth East Ward

Patricia Anne Whitehead (Lab) elected
Jason Wood (Lab) elected

Skerton East Ward

Abbott Clifton Bryning (Lab) elected
Robert Michael Redfern (Lab) elected
Anna Sandra Thornberry (Lab) elected

Skerton West Ward

Phillip John Black (Lab) elected
Mandy King (Lab) elected
Hilda Jean Parr (Lab) elected

Torrisholme Ward

Paul Stephen Anderton (MBI) elected
Roger Thomas Francis Dennison (MBI) elected

Warton Ward

Adrian Stephan Duggan (Con) elected

Westgate Ward

Merv Evans (MBI) elected
Jason Alexander Firth (MBI) elected
Jake Marc Goodwin (MBI) elected

University and Scotforth Rural Ward

Jack Aziz O’Dwyer-Henry (Lab) elected
Oliver Anthony Robinson (Lab) elected
Katie Jeanette Whearty (Lab) elected

Upper Lune Valley Ward

Stewart George Scothern (Con) elected

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