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Motorists urged to clear all snow from vehicles before taking to the road

John Freeman
Local motorists are being urged to clear as much snow as possible from their vehicles before taking to the roads.

Recent wintry weather conditions have led to many vehicles being covered with snow and this can create a serious risk to both the driver and other road users if it is not removed before a journey commences.

Motorists are advised to –

  • Ensure that ALL windows are free from snow and frost
  • Remove snow from your roof and bonnet to avoid it later falling on to your windscreen
  • Clear away snow from your vehicle’s lights and then use your lights while driving in poor visibility
  • Make sure that snow has been wiped off number plates
  • Carry a bottle of water in the vehicle so that you can pullover and clear your windscreen if your wipers fail.

Inspector Martin Bishop, road policing, said: “It is vitally important that people clear away as much snow as they can before they set off on their journeys.

“If you do not do this, while you are travelling the snow on you roof and bonnet will start to melt and if you break suddenly it can fall onto your windscreen. The weight of the snow can prevent your windscreen wipers from clearing it away, so you are effectively blinded.

“Attempting to then break hard in these conditions is particularly dangerous and can lead to the risk of serious collision involving not just yourself but other road users.”

“Having snow on your roof is a potential danger, which you could be prosecuted for," he added. "You could cause a collision as result of not ensuring that you have visibility through all of your windows, or because snow from your vehicle has fallen onto your windscreen. We want people to prevent any such matters before we even have to become involved.

"Don’t take the risk of hurting yourself or others – take a few extra minutes at the start of your journey to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and free from snow.”