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Motorists urged to give thieves the cold shoulder

John Freeman
Make sure you give thieves the cold shoulder – that’s the message to motorists from Lancashire Constabulary.

The advice comes as a cold snap bites to deter motorists from leaving their cars unattended with the keys in the ignition and engine running while they defrost.

“It only takes a few seconds for a thief to drive away in your vehicle," says Inspector Martin Bishop. "Please don’t make it easy for them – ensure you stay with your vehicle whilst it is being de-frosted.

“We know from past experience that some car thieves specifically target vehicles that they see sitting on driveways with the engines running. As soon as the owner goes inside the house they take their chance and drive the vehicle away.

“Don’t give thieves an easy ride, ensure your car is locked and secure at all times.”

In the past, drivers have been prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act offence of 'quitting' which is when a person leaves their vehicle's engine running while they are not in it (See this news story).

• Further crime prevention advice can be found on the Lancashire Constabulary website –