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New Social Justice book includes 'LANDED (Freeman's Wood) Project

Chris Satori

"Landed" in a book

A new book includes a chapter on StoreyG2’s “LANDED (Freeman's Wood)” project. 

The book, entitled "Contested Property Claims : What Disagreement Tell Us about Ownership", is published by Routledge as part of a series on Social Justice.

Chapter 5, entitled: "LANDED (Freeman’s Wood) - An exploration of landownership through contemporary art", was written by John Angus.  The text can be read here.

In “LANDED (Freeman’s Wood)”, StoreyG2 commissioned artists to create artworks exploring landownership, with a focus on a contested site on the edge of the city of Lancaster. You can explore the project on their website at

The exhibition “CONDUCT”, which includes displays on both of StoreyG2's "LANDED" projects, continues until 23 March 2018 at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University.