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New Visitor Parking Permits could cost an extra £22 a year each

Chris Satori

Green Party councillors say that new arrangements for visitors' parking permits will bring extra costs for some residents living in resident parking scheme zones. 

The residents' parking system is currently administered by Lancaster City Council. However, from April 1st it will be taken over by Lancashire County Council. As part of the new arrangements, the County Council will be introducing visitors' permits at £25 each. This will soon replace the current system where people can buy cards with 30 individual uses - at 10p a time (ie £3 per permit card).

For some people, especially households with two cars, this will make a welcome change from visiting the town hall to renew permits. But if you don't have many visitors who come in cars (the schemes being designed to discourage too many people from parking cars in them, after all), it could end up costing you up to £22 more every year - for each permit. In effect it would penalise those who were most compliant with the scheme's aims.  

City councillor Jon Barry said:

"For some people, the new visitors' permits will be much easier and we welcome their introduction. However, for people who do not have many visitors, it would be much cheaper to carry on with the current system of multi-use cards. If people want to cater for two visiting cars at any one time, then the new system will cost them £50."

"We would like people to have the choice between the single visitors' permits and the multi-use cards."

You can contact Lancashire County Council with your views on this at