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'Operation Belvedere' action to target theft and driver crime

John Freeman
Police executed warrants, visited second hand shops and carried out checks on vehicles this week as part of an ongoing crack down on serious acquisitive crime.

The activity was carried out yesterday (Monday) as part of Operation Belvedere, which is aimed at reducing crime in the north of the county.

The crackdown has already paid dividends: a warrant carried out in Brock Close, Lancaster, lead to the recovery of two stolen Xboxes, a lap top and a DJ mixing unit.

A stolen lap top was also recovered from a city centre second hand shop.

Officers also visited all the city’s second hand jewellers to ensure that stolen property was not being sold through the stores. Visits were made to licensed premises to monitor if the responsibilities of licensees were being met.

Road side check points were set up in Lancaster and Morecambe, with over 80 vehicles being stopped by police. Three people had their cars seized for driving with no insurance and nine had theirs taken from them for being unroadworthy, and 18 people received fixed penalties and three points on their licences for using their mobiles behind the wheel. 10 were given fines for failing to wear seat belts.

Four cars and their passengers underwent drugs searches.

“We are using a number of tactics to disrupt criminality in the north of the county and we are already starting to see results, with stolen items being recovered from premises," says Chief Inspector Ian Dawson.

“The vehicle checks incorporated not only a crack down on road safety – with over 33 motorists exhibiting behaviour or using vehicles that were dangerous to other road users - but a significant part of yesterday’s police activity was also aimed at targeting those travelling in to the area to carry out crime.

“We will continue to disrupt criminal activity to ensure that crime remains low in Northern Division.”