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Police target "Most Burgled" Morecambe

John Freeman
Police are to concentrate their patrols into streets that have become hot spot areas for burglars targeting insecure homes - and are reminding people to take care when going out not to leave windows and doors unlocked.

Analysis of reports of burglary has highlighted a number of streets in Morecambe that are consistently being subjected to break-ins because residents are leaving doors and windows unlocked.

As a result, neighbourhood police teams will step up their patrols in these areas in order to provide a visible deterrent to thieves. Officers will also be handing out crime prevention advice and urging residents to secure their home when they go out or when they go to bed.

“An unlocked door or a window left ajar can act as an open invitation to a burglar," notes Sergeant Lindsay Brown from the Morecambe neighbourhood police team, "many of whom specifically prey on those who have left their homes vulnerable.

“Burglary figures are low in the area, but we do tend to see a rise when the weather starts to get better and doors and windows are left open. Residents have a crucial part to play in making it difficult for thieves to operate – taking a few simple crime prevention measures can help do this.”

“Please lock all doors and windows when going out or when in the garden," he urges. "Put all garden tools away and lock your shed or garage.

“Don’t be careless with your personal belongings, even around your home. Place them out of sight. Incidents of burglary are low in Morecambe and we want to keep it that way.”