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Register to vote - it could win you £200

John Freeman
Lancaster City Council is enticing local people to register to vote with a cash prize draw for £200.

Each year the council is required by law to canvass every household in the district and produce a Register of Electors.

The forms for this year’s canvass will be distributed from the end of this month (30th July) and every household in the district should have received one by 10th August.

Anyone who has responded either by Freephone, internet or post by 3rd September 2010 will be entered into a free prize draw to win £200.

Anyone who has not responded can expect a knock on the door from one of the council’s team of canvassers.

“Registering to vote is vitally important," says Daphne Snelson, Lancaster City Council’s elections’ officer, explaining the aim of the campaign.

"As well as not being able to vote people who are not on the Register of Electors could find their credit rating is affected, meaning that they may be unable to get a bank account, a mortgage, a credit card or sign up for a mobile phone.

“By offering an incentive to people to return their forms on time we hope to ease the burden on our canvassing team and, ultimately, reduce the cost of the annual canvass.”

The service includes a 24 hour Freephone telephone service (0808 161 7649) or the internet registration service (

Those using the telephone or internet registration service should not return their form.

Both the telephone and internet systems also accommodate the ‘opt-out’ rules  allowing users to add or remove their names from the edited version of the register used by mailing companies, and to request postal vote applications.

• The register will be published on 1st December 2010. If a form is not delivered to your property by 10th August or you have any other questions, help is available from the council - telephone the helpline -  01524 582905.