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Review: Diverse Art Exhibition - Valerie Hall & Carol Gaston

Peter Clarke

Reviewed 8th September 2017

Diverse: Art Exhibition

4th to 16th September 2017 from 10am to 4.30pm

The Gallery at the Storey, Meeting House Lane Lancaster LA1 1TH

Free Entry. Exhibits are for sale.

The 'Diverse' art exhibition, located in the magnificent Gallery at the Story is one of the must-see events this month. The exhibition comprises a varied selection of works from two experienced and well known local artists and teachers from our region, Valerie Hall and Carol Gaston.

Valerie Hall is probably best know for her water-colours. However in 'Diverse' she shows the extent of her artistic skills. There are traditional and delicate water-colour such as 'Snow on Derwent Water', 'Fox Gloves Lore'; or the fish studies 'Nyasa Blue' and Diamond Tetra'. However she shows her range with the highly realistic 'Onions' (oil); with stylised images in 'Poppy Serenade' and the abstract 'After Monet's Poppyfield'. Also by change of mood there are the fun oil paintings 'Girls Night Out' and the 'Dancing Years'

Carol Gaston developed her interest in art in school. However she suffered a spine injury from a judo accident and this left her with permanent neck and back damage and in constant pain. She went to art college and uses art as therapy to get her through the day. Carol now works for herself, drawing and painting virtually every day. The severity of the pain determining her level of concentration, and the medium that she uses. She reports an improvement in her work over the past two years and this exhibition gives proof of this.

Carol typically works in either acrylic or oils but her work covers a variety of styles. There is figurative work, such as 'Lilac Lake' or 'Sunset in the City'. There are examples of landscapes with a semi-abstract element such as 'Golden Sunset' or 'Fork Lightning'. Some of her works hint at a mysticism such as 'Entwined in Red', Dream Ballet Dancer' and Gorilla amongst the Bushes' Other work is just playful such as 'Eagle Topography' 'Zen', '£20 Note' '5 Otters' and 'Bubbles Galore'. Finally there is a series of her 'trademark' machinery images including 'Cogs and Splodges', 'Yellow Cogs' and 'White Cogs'.

Carol's work is characterised by large canvases, bold colours and a very unique style.

There are in excess of 25 works on display by Valerie and 60 works by Carol. However the numbers change as both artists find time to modify and create new works during the exhibition itself.

The region is lucky to have two such talented artists exhibiting together and a visit to the storey is very much recommended.