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Sponsor Mary Kinane's ride for a local hydrotherapy pool

Chris Satori

Lancastrian Mary Kinane is planning a sponsored pillion ride to help raise money for a hydrotherapy pool to be provided locally.

Pain Relief
Does chronic pain affect you, a family member or a friend? If it does, Mary can honestly sympathise, having lived with chronic pain & muscle spasm since contracting pollio at 13 months. She knows that hydrotherapy can make a big difference, not just in helping people to manage pain but in reducing dependance on painkillers. Unhappily, there isn't a local pool available for them to use. That's why Mary is raising money for the charity Bay Aquatics Therapy (BAT).

BAT is a Charity Fund managed by Morecambe Bay Hospitals Charity (MBHC) and was started by Zoe Hamilton, Physiotherapist. Zoe is dedicated to promoting much needed hydrotherapy treatment for adults living with chronic pain in the Morecambe Bay region. There is no permanent accessible facility for BAT to continue to provide sessions.

Mary Kinane aims to ride pillion on a 70 miles round trip on the back of a friend's trike - and she's looking for sponsors. Mary says, "It's pretty exciting for me to be planning this ride! I'm working on a programme of exercises aimed at building me up for the challenge." It will make a big change from her usual mobility scooter, that's for sure.

Mary's plan suffered a setback when the trike she planned to ride became unavailable and she had to postpone her attempt, previously scheduled on 4 September. However members of the Goldwings North-West Motorcycle Club went ahead with the 70-mile round trip.

Meanwhile, the Morecambe & District Motorcyle Club (MAD MCC) have promised to come up with a Trike Ride for Mary at a convenient time later this month, and maybe even this week. We'll keep you posted.

Mary tells us, "Donations so far have been really generous (for which thanks!) both through the Just Giving charity website and in person, and today I reached 42% of my target of £1K. If you would like to know more about what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it, just click on the link and see for yourself - it's a very quick and easy process:

Every little helps.