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Straw Poll on fate of Lancaster Market

John Freeman
virtual-lancaster has asked every City Councillor with a valid email address if they support the closure of Lancaster Market. The responses are being published as a GoogleDoc here.

If you have already know how your local councillor has said they will vote in the Full Council meeting on Wednesday, please let us know via - thanks! - and we will be more than happy to update this list.

We have asked the councillors following questions:

1) Do you support the closure of Lancaster Market?

2) Do you support the relocation of Lancaster Market?

This is, we know, a "straw poll" and we appreciate the issues are complex. We have also told councillors we are more than happy to note any expanded response.

So far, only two political groups - the Greens and the Conservatives - have issued public comment on the planned closure. The Greens oppose the plans while the Conservatives are waiting to see the actual proposed budget proposals on Wednesday.

• Lancaster City Council Full Council will take place at 2.00pm on Wednesday 3rd March at Morecambe Town Hall. Campaigners will march from Lancaster Market at 12:15 prompt to Morecambe to vent their anger at the closure plans. Click here for agenda details on the City Council web site

• Several online groups are discussing options for the future of the market: this Facebook group has the highest membership of 4000 people, but there are others. A petition is also being circulated around Lancaster Market for people to sign. Over 7000 people have signed so far.

Lancaster City Council Statement on Lancaster Market

Lancaster City Council: Lancaster Market Q&As; (PDF link)