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Thieves target Happy Mount Park

John Freeman
Police are appealing for information after a special bike that pedals a waterfall at Happy Mount Park in Morecambe was damaged last week.

Between 8.30pm on Thursday 3rd May and 3.30pm on Friday 4th May the bearings on a child’s bicycle were removed at the Happy Mount Park, necessitating the whole of the pedal system to be replaced.

The bike is one of two concreted into the ground which, when pedalled by children, make a waterfall work.

Both bikes are maintained and funded by the Happy Mount Park Volunteers and unfortunately due to persistent damage to the bikes, the volunteers are faced with the likelihood of having to remove them from the site.

This is not the first instance of vandalism in the park (or indeed, other local parks) and the Council is currently advertising for an Outdoor Ranger to oversee and supervise  the City Council’s parks, playing fields, recreation grounds, promenade and coastal areas. Their remit will include organising mobile and pedestrian patrols as a deterrent to vandalism.

“The theft of these bearings is an offence that impacts on a large number of local families," says PC Jo Clement from Lancaster Police. “Understandably, the volunteers cannot afford to replace the bike and I would appeal to anybody that witnessed the bike being tampered with or with any information about this incident to come forward.”

Anyone with any information should call Lancashire Police on 101.

More about Happy Mount Park on the Lancaster City Council web site