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Transition City Lancaster's garden share scheme takes off

Chris Satori
Transition City Lancaster's Samagita tells us there are now 8 gardens around Lancaster whose owners are willing to share. This is a chance for people who want to grow veggies and have no garden or allotment to start growing.

The garden owner gets a well kept plot and a share of the produce, the pleasure of seeing veggies growing, making a gardener happy and making a real contribution to building a sense of community.

The project is part of Transition City Lancaster who will make careful introductions of garden owners to gardeners and be on hand to help it all work well for everyone. NO money is involved – it is all a voluntary sharing of resources. We have specialist garden advice available for peace of mind.

To find out more - please contact Joy on 01524 69038 or else on To find out more about Transition City Lancaster please see