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Vandals smash police cars

John Freeman
Police are appealing for information after five police cars were attacked by vandals in the local area – forcing valuable resources to be taken off the streets and putting community safety at risk.

A liveried van had its front windscreen smashed on Monday night, as officers were dealing with the death of a pensioner on Mainway, Lancaster.

Two police cars also had their side windows smashed while they were parked on George Street, Lancaster, in the early hours of Monday morning. Items left by the offender were recovered at the scene and have been sent for forensic analysis.

Then, two other cars were also damaged recently on Martin Street.

“Damage to police vehicles will not be tolerated," said Inspector Sheralee Duckworth. "Each time a police car has to be taken off the roads because it has been damaged by mindless vandalism then there is one less police car protecting our communities. The temporary loss of a police car can affect the safety of residents and, in the worst case scenario, could put lives at risk.

“There is also the cost to the tax payer to consider. The recent damage to our vehicles will cost hundreds of pounds to repair – a cost that comes out of law abiding residents’ pockets.”

“These offences will be investigated robustly, with the aim of bringing the offenders before the court," he added. "This will include uniformed and plain clothes officer activity, until the offenders are caught. We would, of course, prefer to use our resources tackling wider community issues so we appeal to those who know the identity of the people responsible to contact us.”

• Contact police on 012524 63333 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.