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Which would-be MPs want to waste £140 million?

John Freeman
With the General Election on 6th May, local transport campaigners Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe asked the candidates in Morecambe and Lunesdale for their opinions on the Heysham M6 Link Road, to mixed response. If you're someone who thinks the planned Link Road is in the wrong place or who thinks the County Council could better spend over £140 million, then here's a rundown of their positions:

Geraldine Smith (Labour) has consistently opposed the road, and objected to the recent orders. She proposes instead improved public transport and a bridge at Luneside.

Chris Coates (Green) has consistently opposed the road, and objected to the recent orders. He proposes instead improved public transport and non-road building measures.

David Morris (Conservative) did not reply to TSLM's queries but has in the past supported the building of a Heysham M6 Link Road, and local Conservatives have always supported the scheme.

Leslie Jones (Lib Dem) did not replied either, but local Lib Dems have always supported the scheme and, in particular, 'the Northern Route'. (Mr Jones seems to be brushing over several of his beliefs in his election literature, including his support for a third nuclear power station at Heysham - despite the Lib Dems claimed Green agenda for government).

Nigel Brown (UKIP) calls for a referendum on the issue. Geraldine Smith conducted a thorough survey of opinion in the constituency in 2007, which showed that people were overwhelmingly against the scheme, but it was ignored at the public inquiry.

"Any new government must seriously consider spending cuts," says TSLM's David Gate. "This pointless, wasteful and unpopular £140 million scheme should be scrapped, and cheaper and more effective alternatives introduced instead."

You may feel that their views on the road will influence the way you vote at this election.

In other news about the Link Road, the date of the Public Inquiry has been announced as 12 October 2010.