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OMG! Jeremy Corbyn's at the Front Door!

Chris Satori

A few minutes ago my front doorbell rang - so I looked up through the window and there on my doorstep was our local MP Cat Smith - and with her Jeremy Corbyn!

I was a bit surprised (an understatement). They explained that they were out canvassing with Lancashire County Councillor Lizzie Collinge, who is standing for re-election (Lancaster East) in May.

Corbyn impressed with Lancaster's 'sense of community'

I asked him what he made of Lancaster and he told me that he was 'impressed with the strength of community in the city', adding:

"I had a very interesting discussion today with carers, supporters and social workers about the problems of social care - obviously we had plenty to talk about - and plenty also about social enterprise. It's wonderful the way people have brought in, come together, to do art and other things together, and I think its just that sense of community that is, to me, the very essence of what Labour has to be about, building and strengthening all sorts of people in their communities.

"That way, we bring about the big social changes we need, such as a properly-funded National Health Service and Social Care."

It turns out he had been visiting the 'Outragous Ambition' artistic development studios at White Cross and he was rightly impressed. But just before he could go on to plug the tasty T-shirts etc they also print to order, he was swept away as more people turned up to shake his hand.

One man, in his 20s, pulled up in his car - he'd seen it on instagram and leapt into his car to come and shake the Labour leader's hand. Doors opened, heads turned and people came rushing out hardly believing it. I hardly believe it myself. 

But anyone can see what he's getting at. 

Social Change  - Financial Challenges

Lancashire County Council has been one of the authorities hit hardest by Conservative austerity policies. The need for the services that County must provide by law - such as basic Social Care for vulnerable people who can't manage - is increasing, but the government has slashed the funding for them, year on year.  County must somehow make savings of £262m by 2021 - an unprecedented financial challenge. And an impossible one. By April 2018 the council will run out of money to meet its statutory obligations; even if it doesn't deliver any non-statutory services at all. 

The Government's only way of dealing with this so far has been denial and neglect. And awarding subsidies to the fracking companies who want to exploit our weakness. 

This isn't just a problem for Labour supporters. It affects people on every street, children in every school and every patient in our hospitals. We do need strong communities to deal with what's coming and we know it. We want a fair deal too. 

I'll vote for anyone who will fight honestly for a fairer deal for Lancashire people. All of us.