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Creative Writing 6 Week Course

Halton Mill, LA2 6ND.


Krystina is editorial manager with a UK publisher. She is a published author in her own right, as well as having ghost written several books. Her daily work consists of supporting and working with authors and solving any problems they may face.

Tel 077342 02220. Or email daaufer@

£57 for 6 weeks. Starts Wednesday 5th April, 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Areas covered will include where to begin, how to turn an idea into a plot, how to build three-dimensional characters, dialogue which reads naturally, show don’t tell, sense of place, the art of description, and voice. Time will also be given to the vital process of editing as well as publishing advice.

Krystina is a writer; she understands what it is to write. Her advice and guidance is pragmatic and always on target. It cuts to the chase and moves me forward every time. She is also a great teacher and has taken me to a point where I can diagnose my own writing issues and fix them. She has taught me to fish. Thanks to her, if people ask “what do you do?” I say “I write”.

Adam E Bradbury