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Exhibition: Voices From Across the Borders

Lancaster Library, Market Square, Lancaster, LA1 1HY


Friends in Lancaster, do drop by the Lancaster Central Library, for a photography exhibition titled “Voices from across the borders”, put together by Nawaf Alenazi and Kausiki Sarma and supported by Global Link. The exhibition will be open to the public from 5th July for a month. 

Since 2015, Lancaster in United Kingdom, has been home to over 115 asylum seekers from countries including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, Trinidad and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.The first cohort of asylum seekers arrived in Lancaster in December 2015.  Many had escaped war and persecution in their own countries but to date there is little documentation, until now, to understand their backgrounds and histories.

This photographic exhibition attempts to address this gap by engaging with those who have been granted leave to remain as well as those who are awaiting the outcome of their applications. Our approach is to deconstruct perceptions about the refugee community by focusing on individualising the narratives of those who have been reduced to the singular collective identity of being a 'refugee'.

The intention is to locate the ‘voice’ of the individual and demonstrate the plurality of their narratives, without taking recourse to simplified discourses of universal or bare humanity and the helplessness of victimhood. This exhibition celebrates each individual and their heritage and we hope that it will provide the opportunity for open discussion, inclusion and further integration into the Lancaster community.


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