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Help: Registering your login on the site

Register your account

Activate your account
Edit your account preferences
Problems logging in?


To register a login on the site, first click the 'Login / Register' link in the top right-hand corner of every site page. This will take you to the 'User' page. 

Click on the tab that says 'Create new account'.


Decide what your Username will be and fill it in. This could be your own name, or a name that isn't already being used. If you later make a news post, this will be the author name that appears with it, so choose one you can live with. (Your Username will not appear with other types of post, such as events). You will need your username every time you log in. If you forget it, you can ask for an email reminder.

Email address

Enter your email address. This must be a valid email address as you will have to verify it by email. Your email address won't be published or shared with anyone else, and we don't use it for marketing. 


Make up a new password and enter it. You can use upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The more different kinds of character you use, the stronger (safer) your password will be. It must be at least six characters long. You will need to be able to remember this password every time you log in. If you forget it, you can ask for a new one by email. Then enter it again in the next box.

The VL Newsletter tickbox

You have the option of receiving the weekly Virtual Lancaster Newsletter. This usually comes each Friday afternoon and contains links to the VL news stories posted in the previous 7 days and to the events on our Events Calendar for the next 10 days. We do not share your subscription to this list with anyone else. If you don't want to recieve the VL newsletter untick this box. You can untick it in your account preferences at any time later too. 

Robot Trap

Scroll on down and you will see a 'CAPTCHA' box, containing two images of words. Copy the two words into the text field below them, using the same upper and lower case letters. This is to prove that you are a human reading a screen, and not a robot. If you aren't a robot but still can't see the CAPTCHA images, try changing your browser settings or using a different browser or computer to create your account. If your pc supports audio you can also click the ridiculously tiny CAPTCHA box audio button and type in the words you hear instead. 

Done that? Click 'Create new account'. You will be taken to the site homepage, where you'll see a welcome message telling you that an email has been sent to you. You will need this email to activate your account. 

Check your email inbox

Check your inbox for an email with the subject line 'Account details for 'Username' at Virtual Lancaster'. 

Verify and Activate your account

Click on the link in your email or copy and paste it into your browser. This will activate your account and take you to your User account page. When you post items on the VL website you will find the links to your posts here on the right.  Welcome on board! 

Check / Edit your account preferences

On your account page you will see an 'Edit' tab. Click this to check / edit your account details and to change your password. Remember to click 'Save' at the bottom when you have finished.

In the top right hand corner of this page you will see a link for 'Newsletter Options'. You can use this link to subscribe / unsubscribe to the VL Newsletter. 


If you haven't received a verification email within one hour of creating your account, please try creating a new account again using a different email address. If you still don't receive our email you have the option of returning to the 'Create New Account' page and using your facebook account to create a login.

If this is not a suitable alternative for you, or if you are experiencing another difficulty setting up your account or logging in to it, please send an email to and tell us about it. We'll do our best to help you. 
Be sure to include your VL account Username, if you have registered one.