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A new world dawns at the Lancaster Music Festival

Shredni Vashtar – we applaud you: the Alpha and Omega, weasley polecat and once dying boy. 

We drank the blood of the unbelievers outside The Atticus Bookshop, waiting, waiting for we knew not what. 2 performances had passed. We could not see beyond the 'sorry, we are closed' sign, but we saw the flames – of hell? Of rebirth? flickering against the curtains. More people gathered, waiting, eating the strips of sacred toast and the mal-teez-er.

At 00.15 they let all 12 of us squeeze in, intrigued, in-suspense and by invitation only. Obviously, I can't tell you what happened or I'd have to kill you. The order of service hopes that we left, 'slightly uneasy', but I left uplifted, enlightened and still pissed.

We all have a shadow that, once integrated, gives us power. Readers, I felt it: Shredni Vashtar – a deeply spiritual story on a human level, brilliantly performed without a giggle by the Rat Bit Kit. (Hope my laughing wasn't a problem. I had a revelation).  A once in a millenium chance. Sorry if you missed it. Life's like that.