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Recall Art Exhibition: A Review

A tale of twenty seven artists who have 'come back home' to the Storey forty years on. This exhibition comprises work from Art Graduates and Lecturers who were part of the B.A. Fine Arts Course at the University of Central Lancaster (UCLan). The the degree was taught at the Storey from 1975 onwards. On the course completion, the majority of students continued as practising artists.

The display fills the upstairs gallery at the Storey with a very broad range of art works. There are getting on for fifty paintings or photographs that adorn the walls and sculptural work from seven artists are distributed on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.

With such a diverse number of experienced artists, the styles are very varied. Typically paintings from each artist have been hung together allowing the viewer to see the works as one unit. However by necessity sculptures are exhibited in the centre of the room so this arrangement breaks down when an artist provides both paintings and sculptural pieces.

The paintings range from very realistic portraits and depiction of material objects, through semi-abstract landscapes to purely abstract work. In addition there are exhibits of photographs. Media ranges from pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, lithograph, collage and mixed media. There is no common theme amongst the artwork, each artist showcases his or her own style.

The sculptures range from very fine bronze casts and works in galvanised steel to wooden constructions and work in more solid materials or film suspended from the ceiling. This reviewer was particularly impressed by the originality of Kay's 'The Boatman' and the humour of Midgley's 'A home of my own'.

This superb exhibition is very well supported by a booklet giving the background to the event and providing biographies and artistic statements of each of the contributors. One can imagine the effort it must have taken to bring so many artists together within a single venue.

The exhibition continues at the Storey unit Wednesday 1st of November and thence moves to PR1 Gallery at Preston from the 6th to the 29th November.