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Review of Lous Benetts three paintings exhibition

This exhibition comprises just three paintings, but each is quite large (90cm x 120cm) so the trilogy holds its own against the single wall of the Thomas Storey Gallery.

The artwork was produced in 2017 and the works are:

  • It was Noble Nevertheless (Quest)
  • Opium Dreams (The Cave Kids)
  • New Truths in the Old West (They Laughed to see such Sport)

Each of the paintings depict a character in the foreground with other characters in the middle ground and buildings or objects in the background. In this way they each tell a story. A full spectrum of colour is used and the drawings share something of the cartoon about them. The artist is a recent graduate from the Glasgow of Art. He writes that the works are informed by narrative historical paintings from the nineteenth century onwards, drawing inspiration from satirical cartoons and touching themes of colonialism and industrialisation. The works have the bureaucratic quality of Kafka's fiction, suggesting the aspirations of a post imperial nation.

The exhibition is definitely something out of the ordinary and an excellent 'window' into the talent of this artist.

All three paintings are for sale at £500 each.

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