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Psychology research team studies meat-eaters

20/5/15: Dieticians and nutritionists issue repeated warnings about the very common effects of overeating meat on health. Climatologists warn that animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, including 37 percent of methane emissions and 65 percent of nitrous oxide emissions.

Great North West Vegan Festival comes to Lancaster this Saturday

5/6/14: This Saturday Lancaster will host the huge annual North West Vegan Festival across two venues, Lancaster Town Hall (LA1 1PJ) and the Gregson Centre (LA1 3PY), with 115 stalls selling a wide variety of vegan products and promoting critical animal welfare issues. The festival will have 90 stalls at the Town Hall, and 25 at the Gregson Centre.

West Lancashire Vegan Fair coming to Lancaster

4/5/12: This year the West Lancashire Vegan Fair will be held in Lancaster on Saturday 12 May from11am - 5pm, at the Friends Meeting House next door to Lancaster train station. It is set to be an even bigger success this year, because there are a lot of vegans and vegetarians in Lancaster.