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Coronavirus (COVID 19) useful local and UK information and links for Lancaster & Morecambe to help you with the new Social Distancing laws, the NHS Coronavirus Advice and Services, essential local services, how to get support and what you can do to support others and help save lives.
24 March 2020: Coronavirus: The UK Government has published unprecedented new rules for all individuals, households, businesses and services in the UK, essential to preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID 19 infection.
Join the nation this Thursday 26 March at 8pm for a Big Applause from your windows and doorways to show the people on the front line our gratitude for for their ongoing hard work in fighting the virus. Please tell everyone, or they might wonder what is going on!

Coronovirus: We've moved to facebook: Virtual-Lancaster

Virtual Lancaster has moved over to our facebook page, 'Virtual-Lancaster'. Click on title above for our fb link and for direct links to vital public service websites. We will do our best to keep you updated on fb with relevant and useful local news, guidance and services, particularly around the changes due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We wish you all well, with all our hearts. We have often been amazed at the levels of creative kindness shown by thousands of 'ordinary' people in this area. And never more so than now.