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Creative Writing Workshops

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Creative Writing Workshop with Mollie Baxter
Creative Writing Workshop with Mollie Baxter
King Street Studios LA1 1JN
Mollie Baxter
King Street Studios

Molly Baxter returns to help you create new writing:

What happens when we don an outfit? Do we bring an 'inert' thing alive, or do the clothes imbue us with roles, identity - even powers?

And what happens when we find ourselves immersed within a location - do we remain separate, or is our experience a reflection bouncing between where we are and who we are?

Suitable for all, this workshop will both guide and allow you to pursue your own interests within genre, form and style to create several exciting new pieces using the vibrant works of the Surface and Form' exhibition at King Street Studios as inspiration and stimulus.


£16 Booking in advance essential.

Tel 07743238663