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Exhibitions: Electric & Losing Ground

King St Studios, 5a King St, Lancaster LA1 1JN


Abstract Photography: drawing with light, is an exhibiton of abstract photography presented in a different and intriguing way, including the use of mixed media.

By Roy Smith

Our Earth — Losing Ground 

An exhibition of paintings created by Roy Smith to illustrate the Earth as a finite resource.

With the recently re-emerged threat of fracking to our area, it seemed an appropriate time to put these paintings together in an exhibition. While some of the paintings directly relate to fracking, albeit in a symbolic form, many relate in a more general way to how capitalist driven consumerism is impacting on the ability of the Earth and its biosphere to support, in a sustainable way, our continued existence.

Within the context of our solar system, the Earth will continue to revolve around the Sun, largely unaffected by the exploits of mankind. However, at a human level, Our Earth is diminishing in its ability to sustain humanity.
The paintings are intended to act as a metaphor in the form of floating island like objects surrounded by a space devoid of any tangible structures.

The island form therefore is symbolic of a reduced ability to deliver in the face of increased demand: the results are environmental damage, global warming and extinction of species…