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Fine Art Degree Show


Advertisement for the Lancster University Arts Graduates event
Penguin pointing to poster
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, Arts Lancaster, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

The exhibition title of Lancaster University's Fine Art degree show: ‘53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity’ alludes to the idea of a group of fifty three young artists all working in their studios upon a wooded hill with many creative ideas bouncing around, suddenly set free.

Their exhibition is a celebration of three years of making, thinking, sharing and learning. It marks a ‘cutting free’, a moment of propulsion when these artists carry their ideas and skills into the wider world.

Within the gallery, and associated venues, you’ll find a diverse range of creative approaches, including contemporary drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, new media and public encounters.

For those who come after, this exhibition might suggest what can still be discovered up on this green and wooded hill.