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Telling In Full, part of the Lancaster Words Festival


Marion Kuit, Yellow Wallpaper
Marion Kuit, Yellow Wallpaper
Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University, Arts Lancaster, Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1 4YW

Telling in Full is a group exhibition of national and international artists running as part of the Lancaster Words festival from the 6th-8th July. The three-day festival celebrates the creative capacity of language in all its forms.

The exhibition, co-curated by Lancaster University third year Fine Art and Creative Writing students Ellie Moore and Jessica Elleray, seeks to re-engage with literature through artistic translation.

Ekphrasis, a Greek word meaning 'telling in full', is generally understood as the process of exploring a painting or sculpture through words; however it can be more widely applied to the translation of a work in one artistic medium to another. In this show; painting, sculpture, digital media and performance come together to explore the textual shadows of literature.

The artists featured have translated themes, words and ideas into works of art which illuminate the spaces between the lines.