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Aldcliffe Hall Drive: PC to apply for 'restricted byway' status


Google aerial image of Aldcliffe Hall Drive, Lancaster (with additional labelling)
Google aerial image of Aldcliffe Hall Drive, Lancaster, with additional labelling. Click to enlarge
Chris Satori

Aldcliffe-with-Stodday Parish Council (PC) has resolved to apply to Lancashire County Council to have Aldcliffe Hall Drive identified as a 'restricted byway' on the definitive map. This is a legal process under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 ... and may take some time.

Back in September we told you about the local working group who were collecting submissions from the public for an application to have Aldcliffe Hall Drive protected as a 'restricted byway' which would give right of way to pedestrians, people with horses and non-motorised vehicles. They are concerned that if it is not added to Lancashire County Council's 'definitive map' of Public Rights of Way (PROWs) before this is closed in 2026 it might be closed off in the future.

The official form that people had to fill in was very long, but the response was splendid and the group receive 105 evidence forms along with numerous emails. These were submitted to the PC along with a detailed report of their findings, and you can download and read their report as a pdf file here.

The Aldcliffe Hall Drive PROW Working Party thanks all the people who responded, for their informative emails and especially for the completed evidence forms. The process may take some time but the case is strong, thanks to your effort and time.