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Alternative Vote referendum - how will you vote?

John Freeman
Tomorrow, Thursday 5 May, is polling day in the UK and on the same day, you'll have the chance to vote in the Alternative Vote referendum.

The referendum was agreed to as part of the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Agreement drawn up after the 2010 general election and will be only the second time a referendum has been held throughout the whole of the United Kingdom in British history (The first occasion was the United Kingdom European Communities membership referendum, 1975). It will also be the first UK-wide referendum that is not merely consultative but legally binding on the executive branch of government, whatever the result.

This is a once in a generation opportunity to decide whether or not to reform the way our MPs are elected. There are also crucial local elections across most of England, which could have a big effect on local services in your area.

If you're still puzzled about the pros and cons of Alternative Voting and First Past the Post, here's a quick at-a-glance guide courtesy of campaign site 38 Degrees.

You might also find these articles by the BBC helpful: and

Or you could have a look at what the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigns for the referendum have to say:

• Yes Campaign:
• No

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