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Batala Lancaster all Fired up for Fringe Festival


Batala Lancaster at Manchester Carnival
Batala Lancaster at Manchester Carnival
Louise Inman

Local community band, Batala Lancaster has gained a highly sought-after slot to play at Edinburgh Fringe; the world’s biggest festival. A core of 16 Lancaster players alongside members of sister bands from Mersey, Bermo, Bangor, London, Bristol and New York will play the gig on 11th August at 8.15 pm at the city’s Mound Circle.

The Lancaster based samba reggae drumming band have been told that they can play as loud as they like: “the louder the better” by the Festival’s organisers. Anyone who has seen Batala play will know they can certainly rise to this challenge!

This summer has already been a busy one for the band, with gigs ranging from local events such as Halton Millfest and Lancaster St George’s Day Parade, to huge events such as Manchester Day Parade already under their belts. They are also looking to playing at Kendal Calling festival and Notting Hill Carnival before their Edinburgh performance.

Batala Lancaster gigs coordinator John Hammill, who made the booking, said, “This is one of the biggest gigs that we have landed to date and everyone is really excited to be playing at this amazing event. If all goes well we hope to hopefully secure more sets in the city over the couple of days we are there and make it a regular gig.”