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Bikeability Gives Kids (And Parents) Cycling Confidence

Chris Satori
Bikeability, the modern equivalent of cycling proficiency, has been hailed a resounding success.

Over 2000 children in the Lancaster district have taken part, and a national survey into the scheme has revealed that children who participate are cycling more and have more confidence in cycling than those who don’t. And their parents feel more confident in them too.

Bikeability, launched in March 2007, was created in consultation with leading road safety campaigners and cycling experts.

Qualified instructors teach children, often in participating schools, to learn to ride in a fun, safe environment.

The Bikeability scheme is open to people of all ages, however the survey focused on children aged nine to eleven and their parents.

Nearly all the children interviewed cycle on a regular basis, riding their bikes at least once a week and over half say they have ridden their bikes more since taking part in Bikeability.

Bikeability gives children the skills to ride safely and to respond to the dangers of cycling on the road – which is a major concern for parents. 86 per cent of children who have taken part (over 1700 of our local kids) feel more confident when riding on the road, and 87 per cent of parents feel more confident allowing them to do so.

Children who have participated are also more likely to make new journeys on their bike, such as cycling to a friend’s house or to the shops, than those who have not.

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