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Candidates line up for 5th May

John Freeman

(Updated 8/5/11): Here's a list of the candidates for the Lancaster City Council elections taking place on 5th May 2011. This list is sourced from a PDF on the Council web site: post election, addresses have been removed.

Since the last boundary changes in 2003, 60 councillors have been elected from 28 wards.

The Labour Party is fielding the most candidates, followed by the Conservatives and the Greens, with the Liberal Democrats almost pipped to the post by the Morecambe Bay Indpendents.

There are a number of 'returning' hopefuls in the list, including former Morecambe Bay Independent Council leader Tricia Heath and Labour's Bob Clark, seeking to get back as a councilor for Bulk. Former MBI and Winter Gardens supporter Evelyn Archer is standing as an independent.

Several candidates are listed as Lancaster University residents, suggesting high student involvement in this year's elections. 

There are also Parish elections and a referendum on the national voting system happening on the same day.

Total Number of Candidates
Conservatives: 43
Green Party: 32
Independent: 16
Labour Party: 48
Liberal Democrats: 21
Morecambe Bay Independents: 20

Total Number of Male Candidates: 108
Total Number of Female Candidates: 72


Tony Anderson - Morecambe Bay Independents

June Irene Ashworth - Morecambe Bay Independents

Susan Elizabeth Bray - Conservative Party

Allison Bernadette Tyson - Conservative Party


Keith William Budden - Independent

Sue Holden – Green Party

Val Histed


Howard Byers - Conservative Party

Bob Clark - Labour Party

Sue Clark - Labour Party

Paula Dunn Claire - Conservative Party

Tim Hamilton-Cox - Green Party

James Jenkins-Yates - Conservative Party

Andrew Kay - Green Party

Ceri Mumford - Green Party

James Williams Aidan - Labour Party


Amanda Louise Davies 

Paul Malcolm Gardner The Labour Party

Fran Hanna - Labour Party

Tony Johnson - Conservative Party

Chris Leadbetter - Conservative Party

Bob Roe Independent


Jon Barry - Green Party

Paul Hardingham Bramhall- Liberal Democrat

Melanie Forrest - Green Party

Stuart Groves James - Labour Party

Tracey Kennedy - Green Party

James Simon Parker - Liberal Democrat

Rebecca Joan Parris- Liberal Democrat

Kyle Patterson - Conservative Party

Peter Leo Rivet - Labour Party

Aaron Spence 

Karolina Natalia Anastacia Weglarz - Conservative Party

Joe Wright - Labour Party


Dave Brookes - Green Party

John Michael Gibson - Labour Party

Stephen Maxwell - Liberal Democrat

Richard Sykes - Conservative Party


Jane Binnion - Labour Party

Susie Charles - Conservative Party

Helen Rebecca Helme - Conservative Party

David John Hill - Labour Party

Paul Hindley- Liberal Democrat

Annabelle Lyons- Liberal Democrats

Rebecca Marsden - Green Party


Cat Gillies - Green Party

Paul Woodruff Independent

The Returning Officer ruled that Conservative candidate Andrew Philip Coates' description "Is Not A Registered Description With The Electoral Commission" and his application to stand declared invalid


Janice Hanson - Labour Party

Christopher John Hart - Green Party

Terry Ingle Morecambe Bay Independents

Elliot Layfield - Conservative Party

Ian Pattison - Labour Party

Geoff Walker Morecambe Bay Independents

Rita Margaret Walker Morecambe Bay Independents

David Whitaker - Labour Party


Rosemary Susan Jennifer Betterton - Green Party

Dilys Greenhalgh - Labour Party

Pat Hibbins 

Geoff Knight Morecambe Bay Independents

Joyce Taylor Independent


Nicholas Baxter Morecambe Bay Independents

Margaret Pattison - Labour Party

Peter Robinson Independent

Ron Sands - Labour Party

Geoffrey Wilson -  Morecambe Bay Independents

Matthew James Wilson - Green Party


Keran Farrow Morecambe Bay Independents

Mike Greenall Morecambe Bay Independents

Charalampos Kaloudis - Green Party

Charlotte Louise Pattison - Labour Party

Kyra Physick Morecambe Bay Independents

Richard William Rollins - Conservative Party

Emma Louise Smith - Conservative Party

Stephen Charles Wheeler - Labour Party


Gareth Allan Baker- Liberal Democrat

Eileen Blamire - Labour Party

Wes Cosgriff - Conservative Party

May Elizabeth Holloway - Conservative Party

Caroline Jackson - Green Party

Richard John Newman-Thompson - Labour Party

Lyndz Pitchford - Liberal Democrat

Ashley Sansom - Liberal Democrat

Elizabeth Scott - Labour Party

Nicky Sharkey - Green Party

Dan Tierney - Green Party

Ally Whittam - Conservative Party


Lawrence James Bardwell - Labour Party

Dave Horton - Green Party

John Roger Mace - Conservative Party


Charlotte Hill - Labour Party

Becky Hodgson - Labour Party

Joan Parkinson Jackson - Conservative Party

Stuart Langhorn - Liberal Democrats

Jane Parkinson - Conservative Party

Joyce Pritchard - Liberal Democrats

Mark Miles Westcombe - Green Party


Alan Biddulph - Labour Party

Keith Sowden Independent


Evelyn Archer - Independent

Mark Bevan - Labour Party

Shirley Burns - Morecambe Bay Independents

Darren Keith Clifford - Labour Party

Tricia Heath - Morecambe Bay Independents

Paul Kutschmarski - Conservative Party

David Lord -  Independent

Terrie Metcalfe - Labour Party

Linda Margaret Page Morecambe Bay Independents

David Tyson - Conservative Party


Phil Dunster - Liberal Democrat

Emily Heath - Green Party

Billy Hill - Conservative Party

Janie Kirkman - Liberal Democrat

Abi Mills - Green Party

Pam Pickles - Labour Party

Jean Taylor - Labour Party

Janet Walton - Conservative Party


John William Allen - Liberal Democrats

Josh Bancroft - Labour Party

James Calder - Conservative Party

Robert Alan Chard  - Independent

Chris Coates - Green Party

Sheila Elizabeth Denwood - Labour Party

Colin Hartley - Labour Party

Zoe Jones - Green Party

Arthur Henry Livesley- Liberal Democrat

Becca Rollinson - Conservative Party

Matthew Sinclair - Conservative Party

Andy Yuille - Green Party


Amanda Faith Bingley - Green Party

Kathleen Valerie Graham - Conservative Party

Ruth Warren - Labour Party


Paul Andrews - Green Party (Not listed as Green on election notice) 

James Stuart Alexander Bateson - Conservative Party

Abbott Clifton Bryning - Labour Party

Robin Gilles Gonard - Liberal Democrats

Janet Tracy Hall - Labour Party

Robert Michael Redfern - Labour Party

Mick Varey - Independent


Graham Charles Agnew - Conservative Party

Keri Malinda Alston - Green Party

John Harrison - Labour Party

Karen Leytham - Labour Party

Roger James Sherlock 


Suzi Dunning - Labour Party

Barry Hankin Gwyn - Green Party

Sylvia Rogerson - Conservative Party

Malcolm Thomas - Conservative Party

Cari Wood - Labour Party


Brian Binfield Morecambe Bay Independents

Jon-Paul Daniel Blundell - Labour Party

Ian Clift- Liberal Democrats

Roger Dennison - Morecambe Bay Independents

Michael Gradwell- Liberal Democrats

Bill Jackson- Liberal Democrats

Geoff Marsland - Morecambe Bay Independents

Dorothy Mingins - Conservative Party

Catriona Stamp - Green Party

Susan Gail Sykes - Conservative Party

John Wild - Conservative Party


Paul Kenneth John Aitchison - Labour Party

Myles Anthony Clapham- Liberal Democrat

Jonathan Robert Dixon - Labour Party

Ian McCulloch - Green Party

Leo Mead - Liberal Democrat

Rick Seymour - Green Party

Jordan Thomas Shandley - Conservative Party

Samuel Vince Thurgood - Conservative Party


Gisela Christine Renolds - Green Party

Peter Thomas Williamson - Conservative Party


Janette Gardner - Labour Party

Alycia Jayne James - Conservative Party

Mike Wright - Green Party


Les Croombs - Conservative Party

Michael Donald Huett - Conservative Party

David Kerr - Morecambe Bay Independents

John Geoffrey Marsden - Conservative Party

Roger Henry Plumb - Morecambe Bay Independents

Vikki Price - Labour Party

David Smith - Labour Party

Michael Anthony Bernard Wade Morecambe Bay Independents

Full List of both City and Parish Council candidates on the Lancaster City Council web site

Local Elections - National Page on the Electoral Commission web site 

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