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Don’t keep valuables in caravans, owners warned

John Freeman
Caravan owners are being warned not to store valuable items for long periods of time to avoid being targeted by thieves.

The Lancaster area has several caravan parks and burglars have been targeting caravans as they know that expensive items, such as large screen televisions and other electrical equipment, are often left inside.

Visitors to the county, as well as residents keeping caravans on their own property, have also been the victims of break-ins after valuables have been left on display near windows.

Detective Inspector Martin Pearson, Lancashire Police, said: “People are usually careful to make sure the doors and windows are locked when they leave their home, and that they do not leave valuable items on show to provide temptation for thieves, but they can often be more lax when it comes to protecting their caravans and their possessions inside.

“We would advise people to remove anything of valuable from their caravan if they will not be using it for a long period of time. Make sure that you have good quality locks on doors and windows and actually use them. Once you have finished using your caravan, store it in a garage if possible. We would also ask that people look out for their caravanning neighbours – if you see something suspicious, call the police.”

Anyone with information about a crime can contact police on 101. In an emergency always dial 999.