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Fire at Heysham 2 not dangerous, says director

John Freeman
Heysham power station has moved quickly to calm fears about a fire at the installation yesterday.

Heysham 2 power station called Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to site at 10.00pm on Tuesday after smoke was detected in an electrical room in a non-nuclear area of the plant.

A spokesperson for the station told virtual-lancaster there was no effect on any operational plant and therefore, no challenge to the operation of the station. Along with the site's own fire team, Lancashire Fire and Rescue used thermal imaging equipment to confirm that the source was a failed bearing in a heater which has been isolated pending repair and the smoke dispersed.

Alan Oulton, station director at Herysham 2, said: "We immediately accounted for all staff and then the fire teams did their job in locating the source of the smoke. There was no danger to anyone on site and I would like to thank the efforts of the fire teams involved."

"Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service crews undertake regular training exercises with Heysham Power Station staff," added station manager Mark Hutton, Incident Commander from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, "and this, together with the comprehensive technical support available on-site, helped to ensure the incident was dealt with quickly and effectively".