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Green Party's Chris Coates runs for Carnforth city councillor post

John Freeman

Long standing member of the Green Party and former city and county councillor Chris Coates is standing for the Party in the Carnforth and Millhead by-election on 26th November 2015.

Four candidates who will be running for the vacant position of city councillor, following the recent death of Councillor Chris Leadbetter."With my previous background I have a lot to offer in representing Carnforth," says Chris, which has a mixture of urban and rural challenges; one of which is getting the housing mix right for the area.

Chris was instrumental in setting up and managing the development of the co-housing project in Halton, along with the Halton Hydro project

"I think Carnforth has so much going for it - a lovely historic small town with its history of being a transport hub,:" he added. "But it is vital that Carnforth's concerns and opportunities are brought to the fore within the district."

The other candidates are Conservative George Askew, Liberal Democrat Philip Dunster, Labour’s Paul Gardner and Michelle Ogden of Ukip.