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Just 2 votes in it: Labour win Halton-with-Aughton by-election


Cllr Kevin Frea - Halton-with-Aughton
Cllr Kevin Frea - Halton-with-Aughton
Chris Satori

Labour has won another seat on Lancaster City Council following the Halton-with-Aughton ward by-election on Thursday 28 September 2017.

While the turnout was much lower than in the 2015 election, in which Labour came 4th (they didn't even field a candidate in the 2011 one), they nearly doubled their vote, putting candidate Kevin Frea in the seat with a majority of just 2 votes. 

The seat was previously held by Independent Paul Woodruff who has stood down. 

Results are as follows:

247  Kevin Frea   Labour 
236  Daniel Scott Gibbons  Conservative
245  Jan Maskell  Green 
174  Catherine Pilling  Liberal Democrats

The vote share and swing percentages are as follows:

LAB: 27.4% (+18.0)
GRN: 27.2% (-0.9)
CON: 26.2% (+2.0)
LDEM: 19.3% (+19.3)

The Turnout was  43% of a total electorate of 2,096.