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Lancaster City Council establishes "Champion for Young People" role

John Freeman
Councillors at Monday’s full Lancaster City Council meeting approved a motion to establish a new position of "Champion for Young People" to reflect its commitment to engaging with children and young people in the district.

The Champion is expected to promote and raise the issues relating to young people with other councillors and the public.

Councillor Paul Aitchison, the newly appointed Champion, said: “It’s great to see the Council show support for young people in our communities who are both vibrant and diverse, and have much to offer to the district.

“Personally, I'm delighted and honoured to have been appointed and I aim to ensure that their issues and concerns do not go unheard, and to champion their many skills and talents.”

Coun Aitchison also highlighted how the new role reflects the aims of the Council’s Corporate Plan, also passed Monday evening, to develop a Children and Young People’s Plan for the district.

The role of the Champion for Young People allows the chosen councillor to give their full attention to the needs of young people and thereby complementing the responsibilities of the relevant Cabinet portfolio holder.

A key date for Coun Aitchison’s diary will be the annual Special Council, to be held on 17th October 2012, when young people from secondary schools across the district are invited to engage in local politics.

At the event, students will be greeted with a round of political speed dating before engaging in a pupil power game. "