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Lancaster MP Cat Smith demands PM apply for EU flood relief funds

John Freeman
Cat SmithCat Smith, Member of Parliament for Lancaster and Fleetwood, has written to the Prime Minister demanding that he apply for flood relief funds from the European Union.

"Across Lancashire people's homes, farms, and businesses have been devastated by flooding,' she said, "but while government ministers have said they will do everything they can to help, the Prime Minister has not yet asked the European Union for much needed funds."

"In the past year countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, and Romania have applied to the EU Solidarity Fund, and received more than £40 million in support for similar circumstances. It really must be asked why the PM is dragging his feet in making an application, when the funds could do much to support people in the North West."

Labour Members of the European Parliament wrote to the Prime Minister in early December, after the Boxing Day floods, asking that he make an application to the EU Solidarity Fund. They continue to await a reply, or to see an application made by the government.