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M6 southbound re-opened after motorway tragedy

John Freeman
The southbound carriage way has now reopened after the death of a man on the M6 near Junction 31. Traffic is busy and moving slowly because, police tells us, motorists are "rubbernecking".

Sergeant Jon Allwright said, “We are still dealing with this incident and accident investigation work is taking place on the northbound carriageway. We hope to get the road open in the next two hours but we would urge people to avoid the area if possible.

“The southbound carriageway is open and traffic is moving but moving slowly. This is because motorists are rubbernecking which is slowing the flow of the traffic down considerably.

"Rubbernecking is dangerous and those travelling on the Southbound carriageway need to concentrate on the road in front of them and not looking across to the scene of the incident.”

We can also confirm that the man who died was on the motorway carriageway and did not jump from a overhead bridge.