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Morris holds Morecambe & Lunesdale against 9.7% Labour rise

Chris Satori


David Morris has held Morecambe & Lunesdale for the Conservatives with 21,773 votes and a majority of 1,399, down from 4,590 in 2015.  Labour's Vikki Singleton polled a 9.7% rise in the Labour vote.

Forecasts predicted a Conservative win as UKIP polled 5,358 in 2015, many of whom were expected to defect tactically to the Conservatives. Over 4000 did defect. However, despite a larger turnout Morris managed to increase his 2015 total by just 2,082 votes. Other parties all saw losses in their votes which they also ascribe to tactical voting. 



Full results here

Conservative David Morris     Votes 21,773  share 47.7%  Net percentage change +2.2%

Labour Vikki Singleton     Votes 20,374  share 44.6%  Net percentage change +9.7%

Liberal Democrat Matthew Severn     Votes 1,699  share 3.7  Net percentage change 0.0%

UKIP Robert Gillespie  Votes    1,333  share 2.9%  Net percentage change -9.5%

Green Party Cait Sinclair     Votes 478   share1.0%  Net percentage change -2.2%