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Motorists warned to Take Care in the Cold

John Freeman
Lancashire police are urging motorists to take care now the weather has turned wintry.

They say that extra attention is needed now the snow and ice have arrived, particularly with the roads being very busy with people finalising their plans for the Christmas holiday.

Inspector Martin Bishop from Lancashire Constabulary’s Road Policing Unit said: “Luckily we have not had any major incidents so far this winter, however the roads are extremely busy and weather conditions are varying across the county.

“I would ask people to make sure they fully defrost their cars before they set off on their journey and check things like tyres and lights to make sure they are in good working order.

“Motorists should also allow extra time for their journeys where necessary and be patient with other motorists. Make sure you keep your distance from the car in front of you and drive at an appropriate speed.

“Snow and ice make conditions very difficult for motorists so it’s important people adjust their driving accordingly.”

Officers are also advising pedestrians to make sure they take extra care during the snow.

Inspector Bishop added: “Pedestrians must take extra care too, especially those who are out walking their dogs or perhaps listening to their ipods or on their mobile telephones. You should make sure you are highly visible to other road users and take extra care when crossing busy roads and beware of the icy, snowy conditions.”

Advice to motorists
- Have in your boot a shovel
- A bottle of water
- A blanket
- Outdoor footwear
- A torch
- A charged mobile phone