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Ready for an Eerie Evening at the Winter Gardens?

John Freeman
Morecambe's Winter Gardens
It is thought lucky for a theatre to have a resident ghost and Morecambe's Winter Gardens has, if the stories are to be believed, more than just the one. There's a chance to find out if the stories are true in April, when Eerie Evenings host a Ghost Hunt at the venue.

The event on Saturday 20th April will include Platform Readings from Spiritualist Mediums as well as walk arounds; a history talk and the telling of ghostly tales; and a Late-Night Ghost Hunt and Paranormal Investigation.

There will also be an opportunity to use Ghost-Hunting Equipment, and take part in a Séance and Controlled 'Contact Experiments'.

The Winter Gardens in its heyday. Photo: EerieEvenings.comIt has famously been said that the theatre has an invisible line running down the middle of it; on one side there is nothing but good, on the other side nothing but evil.

Much of the activity seems to be focussed on the circle bar and the ladies toilets, with dark shadows seen and whispered mutterings heard by many visitors. Magnel and Littlewood, the two architects who designed the building, would have had their office in this very area, making some people think that it is they who are responsible for the strange goings on. Could it be that they were so fond of their creation that they refused to leave it, even after death?

On the top level, in what would once have been a dressing room, the apparition of a lady has been seen who, it has been widely reported (presumably by mediums or 'sensitives'), was a wardrobe lady or seamstress who harboured ambitions to be a dancer that were never realised. Her resentment over this means she still roams the upper floor.

In the same area, a dark mass resembling a number of shadowy figures moves to envelop terrified visitors. Additionally, a lady dressed in RAF uniform has been witnessed on this floor by several different people, who all remark on their alarm as she simply faded away in front of their eyes!

An Edwardian lady is said to haunt the very staircase that she died on after a tragic fall. But was it an accident as assumed at the time? It is thought that she was arguing with her partner shortly beforehand and rumours that it was actually murder have refused to go away. People apparently hear raised voices followed by a  bloodcurdling scream emanating from the area but upon investigation find that there is no-one in the vicinity.

Some people have also reported seeing the unfortunate woman's apparition; she is said to glare at the witness and then fall to the ground, as if recreating the moment of her untimely demise.

• The event will run from approx. 8.00pm - 2.30am. Ticket Price: £55 per person, refreshments available. For more information or to book phone 0845 201 3994 or email Eerie Evenings also haunt the internet at