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Virtual-Lancaster Restored

John Freeman

We're pleased to be back up and running here at virtual-lancaster, after some "under the bonnet" issues that took a while to address.

As some readers know, many web sites - including Virtual-Lancaster - have moved to "secure site" operation, a requirement of, among others, Google, to be included in search engine directories, and of course, potentially, for commerce, although that isn't somthing we're looking at adding just now.

SSL certificates allow encrypted HTTPS access to the website, which is needed to protect people's passwords and is also a standard for new websites. This took a while to implement but is now firmly in place, thanks to our technical wizard, Andy B, and our hosting compnay.

This should mean you can now again add events to the web site without issue and, of course, your news stories are very welcome.

Thank yoou for your patience and concern from some readers at the site's "down time".

The VL Team