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Help: Adding an event to the Virtual Lancaster Calendar

NB. Our editing forms for adding items to Virtual Lancaster do not yet display as well as we'd wish in some browsers. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser you may find it easier to switch to Chrome or current Firefox before adding content.
If that's not an option for you, you can still go ahead successfully, just please read this very brief and simple advice first.


Before you start
How to add an event listing
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Repeating Events
Exclude / Include Dates
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Things to check before you start 

By submitting content to Virtual-Lancaster for publication you agree to be bound by our Terms of Use.  Please read them.

We are only able to give free listings for events based in the Lancaster & Morecambe area - this extends south as far as the northern edge of Garstang and North as far as Arnside.
Events outside our area will be deleted unless they have specific relevance to our area. If group return transport arrangements from this area are included in the 'Body' text, with price and booking details if any, they may be accepted.

Information on alcohol promotions, gambling and sex industry events (ie strippers) will be deleted without notice. 

Certain types of event MUST include a link to the organisers' website or social networking site that meets our conditions (see below) in their 'Body' text.  These are: 
1. Event listings set to recur for longer than 2 months (so we can check routinely that they are still active). 
2. Mentoring, tuition, spritual / religious, therapy or life-coaching events 
3. Events for people under 18

To qualify for the above condition, the linked website must contain:
1. Easily findable, up-to-date details of the event / course for which they have submitted their listing, including any costs. 
2. The name of the person hosting the event and any organisation on whose behalf they are acting in doing so.
3. Contact details to check if the event is still current.

How to add an event listing to the Virtual-Lancaster Events Calendar

Click on the 'Post Your Item' link in the menu at the top of every page. 
On the next page that appears, click on the 'Add details of an upcoming event' link. 
A new page like a form will appear.  

Save: Remember to save whatever you write here using the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page before you exit this page or your work will be lost. 

Please DON'T write your text in block capitals. 

Title: The title of your listing should be the name of the event. The title will show on the calendar as a link. Initially, the title is all the reader sees, so it also needs to inform the reader clearly what type of event it is. 

The title forms part of the URL of the listing. If you change it later, the URL will change too. This will break any external or related page links you or others might have made to your listing (i.e. on social media). So try to pick a title that will keep. 


Main Image: Adding a Main Image is optional. If you do it will appear on the right in your listing. Part of it will appear as a thumbnail with the Title + Teaser next to links to your listing.  
If you don't add a main image, your listing will automatically have the default main image, which is an outline image of the British Isles with Lancaster and Morecambe picked out on it. 
Image files must be less than 5 MB. Allowed file types are:  png, gif, jpg or jpeg. Images must be between 400 x 300 and 1024 x 768 pixels (H x W) or they might not come out right. If you aren't sure, try it and see if it is accepted. An image may be considered inappropriate for the VL website if it is unsuitable to be seen by a minor. Such content would include images trading on violence or sex or unlawful activity. Or if it's just really gross. 

To add an image, click the 'Select' button. Then pick one of the five tabs that appear in the Media Selector:

  • To UPLOAD an image from your computer, click 'Choose file' and browse for and open your image file. Then click the 'Upload' button. When your file is loaded, click 'Next'. 
  • To copy an image already on the WEB, enter its URL. You can find this in most browsers by right clicking on the image. Don't copy images that are copywrite and that you don't have permission to use, such as other people's photos or artwork. Then click 'Submit'. 
  • You can search the MEDIA BROWSER which holds all the images that we have collected. You can search by name, by entering tags or by date range. (To add a date, e.g. 25th February 2017, enter it in YY-MM-DD format, ie 17-02-28).  Then click 'Apply'. Select your image and click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page. Don't use copywright images without the owners' consent.
  • YOUR MEDIA contains images you alone have added preciously. 
  • STOCK MEDIA contains image that are frequently useful on the website. Don't use copywright images without the owners' consent.

If your image is new, you are give the the options of adding a caption (that will appear under your image), 'alt' text (words that appear if a mouse rolls over your image), a Title (for people using audioreaders), and tags 'Tags' are the search words you'd use if you were looking for your image. I.e, if your picture is of a dog, put 'dog'. 
Then click 'Save', After you have saved your image you will have the option to remove and replace it later. 

Date and Time: Enter the date and start time of the event. 
If you also want to show the time that the event finishes, tick the box 'Show End Date' and enter the date and finish time in the boxes that then appear. For repeating events, just put the start and finish time of the first occurance. 

Repeating Events. If your event repeats at the same time on other days, tick the 'Repeat' box and the Repeats options will appear. 
Repeats: select from the drop-down menu if your event repeats daily (every day), weekly (on the same days every week), monthly (on the same days every month) or yearly.
Each of these presents a range of different ways of scheduling the repeat occurences and you can tailor the options you choose to suit your event. 
Stop Repeating. You have the option of saying how many times you want the listing to be repeated, or you can just put the date of the final occurance. Please remember to come back and cancel your event listing if your actual event run should stop before the date you have entered here. If you really don't have time for that, just tell us

Exclude / Include dates: You should exclude dates from your series if your event will be taking a break on those dates. If you click in this field a calendar will appear for you to select dates from. Does your event repeat on Bank Holidays or school holidays? Xmas Day?
You can also include dates that don't fall into the range you selected. 


Venue: The full address of the location where the event is taking place, including postcode (So people can find it on maps). If you don't want to put the full address, i.e. for pre-booked events, you must indicate the immediate area. 

Performers: This field is optional. Here you can list any artists  / performers appearing. 


Organisers: This field is optional. If your promotions have a following, you may find this field useful. It will help people to find your events. 


Body. This is the main text people will see when they click through to your listing. Write all the information about your event here.  
Use the row of icons along the top of the 'Body' field to format the text and insert links. If you hover your mouse over the icons, labels will appear to tell you what they do. 
Don't forget the important things, such as:

  • the link to your website or networking page where updated information can be found (see conditions at top of page)
  • contact details, such as a phone number and/or email readers can use to find out any special information they might need
  • How and where to book tickets and their cost. 
  • If there is a charge for admission to your event please say what it is and how to buy / book tickets etc.  Otherwise put that the event is free. 
  • If your event doesn't have disabled access, please just say so (That includes the toilets, obviously).
  • If your event is exclusively for a particular gender, age or other demographic, ie, women, men, under-5s, over-50s, residents of a particular area, club members, whatever, it's ok but you must say so.  
  • If there's a dress code that might be a barrier to admission, please say so. 

Long links will distort the layout of your listing page so when inserting a long link please use a hyperlink instead of displaying the full link.  


Tags: These are the search words people might use to find your event listing, or events like yours. Or the search terms you want your event listing to answer to. Put a comma between each term.  Keep it simple. 


Add Linked Page: You can use this box to add links from this event to other pages on the site, for example the listing page for the venue or performers. Any pages you add will appear in a list in the right hand sidebar of the page for this event. The links work both ways so this page will appear in the right hand sidebar of the pages you link to. You add a link by typing some words from the title of the page you want to link to. You can pick the page you want from the dropdown box that comes up. Suggested linked pages might be:

  • the venue listing for your event 
  • a listing for a different event featuring the same performer / promotor / venue
  • a news story about the organisation or event you are listing.

You can add more than one Linked Page by clicking the 'Add another item' button. 


'Ready for Publication?' tickbox: All items have to be checked over by our Moderators before they can be published. To submit your item to the Moderators for publishing, you MUST tick this box before you save the page. You can save your work to return later without ticking the box and it will not be queued for moderation. You can always come back and re-edit your listing anytime by clicking on its link on your account page.

Once it has been published, any new revisions will have to be passed by a Moderator again before they can replace the previous version. 
NB: You cannot 'unpublish' an event once it has been published. Only a moderator can delete content. But you can edit it and submit a new revision of it, or you can edit it and add the word 'delete' to the title with a request for deletion in the Revision log message box and submit that. Remember, it will only be submitted for the Moderator's attention if you tick the 'Ready for Publication' box.
Event listings or new revisions left dormant and unready for publication for more than 2 months may be deleted when a 'housecleaning' is scheduled. 
Listings for events that have passed may be deleted when a 'housecleaning' is scheduled.

Revision log message: You can leave the Moderator a message here about your event listing or any changes, if these are not obvious.

If the Moderator has to make any significant changes or if they deem it unready for publication they can log an explanatory message here for you. 

Preview: You can see what your event listing will look like.  The Preview page is at the top of your edit form so just scroll down to return to it. There is a 'Save' button at the foot of the page. Don't forget to save your work before you close or exit the page or you will lose it. 

Want to come back and change something? You can come back and edit an item you have authored anytime you are logged in by going to its page (you will find a link to it on your account page), and clicking on the 'Edit' tab. Remember, your new revision will not appear until it has been moderated. It can only be submitted for the Moderator's attention if you tick the 'Ready for Publication' box.  




When you are editing your item in the field of the form titled 'Body':

  • When addling links or email addresses, please do not use the hyperlink icon above the field to hyperlink them. Clicking this icon may freeze your window. You would have to close it and start over again.  To avoid this, simply write / copy in your URLs as ordinary text. Our moderators will take care of any required hyperlinking for you.
  • When you click into the 'Body' field your cursor may become 'drag-and-drop' (cross-shaped).  If so, click a second time into the 'Body' field to change your cursor into a text cursor (I - shaped). Then you can go ahead. We apologise for the clunkiness of that field in some versions of IE.

We are working to correct these issues as soon as possible. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate your spirit of can-do.