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Help: Donations

About the money
Virtual-Lancaster team members are all volunteers and receive no remuneration or expenses for their work, done from home on their own equipment in their own time.  However, the site still has running costs such as software licensing and hosting. 

We don't apply for (or receive) any funding grants. Virtual-Lancaster is independent of any other organisations. 
We don't accept any paid-for embedded advertising or place any paid-for material as news. Life is confusing enough.
​We don't get many donations. 
Our accounts are very short and very small. 

We'd be grateful if people who find the site useful could bung us the occasional fiver but we don't want shortage of funds to be a barrier to members of our own Lancaster, Morecambe & Area community using the site's resources, so we leave it to you to decide what you can spare, if anything. 

We are only able to give free listings to events in the Lancaster & Morecambe area — this extends south as far as the northern edge of Garstang, North as far as Milnethorpe and East to Ingleton. It takes us all our time (and then some) to keep up with that, so we also ask for donations when extra services are required, for example:

  • Sometimes we ask for a small donation for out-of-area listings that meet other criteria for inclusion, such as the absence of a local provider. 
  • We ask for donations for enhancement of listings to make them more prominent. You can find out more about this by emailing


You can donate online to Virtual-Lancaster via Paypal, from your own Paypal account or with a debit or credit card.
Click here to make a a donation.