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Help: My resource already has a listing that I want to change / own

Take control of your listing
If your business, group, band or any other resource has already been listed by somebody else on Virtual-Lancaster and you believe you should now be the one to take care of editing and updating that listing via your own log-in account, you have two options to choose from: 

1. Contact us

Just send an email telling us why to   We will verify your entitlement via the contact details already supplied with the listing.  If you think that's going to be a problem, tell us why.  We'll do our best to help.  Once that is checked out, if you have requested it, the authorship of your listing will be transferred to your Virtual-Lancaster.Net username account and you will be notified.  You will then be authorised to edit it.  You can get find out how to do that here.  Your new revisions of the listing will go through the normal moderation process for all material ready for publication. 


2. Replace the listing
Submit a new listing for the resource via your own username account. You can find out how to do this here. When creating the listing, leave a message in the Revision Log window near the bottom of the 'Add Listing' form, giving the name and the URL of the previous listing you wish to replace and a brief explanation of your entitlement. Don't forget to tick the 'Ready for Publication' box when you are done, so your item will be queued for our Moderators' attention.
To verify your authorisation we will email the contact details on the previous listing for confirmation before deleting it.  If you think that's going to be a problem, tell us why in your Revision Log message. We'll do our best to help.  
All new items and revisions are moderated before publication.