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Heysham cabbie Dave turns author

John Freeman
One thing cabbies the world over aren't short of are stories -- usually about us, the fare-paying public. And while most of us simply want to get from A to B, some of us do it in such a way that it makes for even more of those stories -- and very funny a lot of them are, too.

Local cabbie Dave “Taxidave” Price, who has been a taxi driver in the Lancaster and Morecambe area since 2006 has now written about many of his own bizarre experiences and published them as an eBook, How to Annoy a Taxi Driver, for the Kindle reader device.

“It all started two years ago as Facebook statuses," Dave told the Morecambe Visitor this week. "As something happened, I would write a status about it.

“I would get feedback and people thought it was funny. I wrote a blog for Facebook based on what I thought about people getting into the taxi.

“Things kept happening over and over again. Things happen and they need to be recorded for posterity.”

Dave pulls no punches with his stories, exposing the worst and stranger stories of his fares with an openess that exposes just what an appalling species we can be. Some might find his humour a little dark, so if you're easily offended, this book is probably not for you. Here's an example of one of his stories...

I drive a taxi licensed to carry four passengers, plus myself. A typical conversation ensues:

ME: Sorry, I’ve only got four seats.

MAN: Really?!

ME: Feel free to count them in case I’ve missed any.

MAN: But there are six of us...

ME: Well, if you strangle two of them and stick their bodies in the boot, then they won’t count as passengers, but I’ll still have to charge them as baggage.

MAN: What did you just say?!

ME: Nothing :)

Dave's previous career as a freelance web-developer ended abruptly in 2001, partly as a result of the events of both Sept 11th, and his divorce. He started taxi driving as a stop gap, to get him off the dole “for now” as he often puts it. He’s still doing it today, and while he continues to do a bit of graphic design and is also a musician, he says he finds that on the whole that taxi driving is the least stressful job he’s ever had.

He published How to Annoy a Taxi Driver on Kindle arlier this year, and while sales are small at present, his stories have clearly struck a chord and his Blog and Facebook page are gatherng momentum as he continues to regale his web audience with some of his experiences of taxi driving and the odder fares he's picked up.

“My aim is to entertain and I feel proud of myself for doing it," he told the Visitor. “Most of the passengers I’ve picked up are from round here, and there’s probably an element of ‘Oh my word, that sounds like the sort of thing I get up to when I’ve had a drink!’ about it.

“I guess it qualifies as local interest.”

Dave’s now writing a science fiction novel but he's still writing about his fares online - so don't be surprized if there's another "annoying" book at some point.

- Dave's blog is at:

- How to Annoy a Taxi Driver on Facebook:

- Read the Visitor interview (published 24th May)